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The Vipal Authorized Network understand the hard routine of the road and knows how to give tires a new life that is durable and more affordable.

For over 40 years, Vipal Repairs offers modern solutions and a comprehensive range of products.

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In Latin America, the Vipal Authorized Dealer Network is by your side with around 220 retreaders with a wide covering. Thereby, we are the largest service network on the market.
Highly trained staff
To be a part of the Vipal Authorized Dealer Network, retreaders must be constantly training their teams. We join forces to offer you the best: high quality products, excellence services and a international team of consultants and technicians.
Becoming a Latin American leader and one of the largest companies in the rubber industry requires knowledge and dedication. While the path to success is long, staying at the top is also an arduous task. We work hard every day to offer the best services, just like you do.
Vipal is very familiar with the routine of the people who are constantly driving on the roads around the world. We know how important is a tire retreading that guarantee savings and durability and we are always available to provide support and ensure a smooth trip.

The road is filled with friends

Life on the road is lonely, but filled with friendships. We at Vipal Rubber are aware of this reality, and are prepared to provide all the support you need for a safe and affordable trip.

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