The advantages of choosing Vipal Rubber

The quality and durability of our products increase the mileage of the tires, with the best cost-benefit ratio.

With the best and most comprehensive line of products, we offer solutions for any problem a tire might have.

The high tech Vipal Rubber factory produces the most resistant motorcycle tires for riding on asphalt or off-road path.

Vipal Rubber also offers the best options for flooring, laminates, compounds, catalysts and many other products.

Featured products



RA Patches (Aramid Radial)

Vipal Camelback

Vulk cement and Solvulk solvent

MB/AC cushion gum



Vipal Rubber values a relationship of trust with its clients, and we know that this is the best way to grow together. This union has helped us to achieve amazing results and we want to continue evolving and guaranteeing excellent services.
Comprehensive solution
Vipal Rubber is present in every stage of the tire life cycle, from manufacturing to the last retread before disposal. Our goal is to provide reliable products throughout this process and ensure that you trust us completely.
Global Presence
Only a company that is familiar with roads around the world is able to offer solutions for tires that can handle any situation. Driving in European snow, through the Andes or on scorching asphalt is much easier when you have Vipal Rubber on your side.
Vipal Rubber has three factories and one Research and Technology Center (CPT) with the most advanced infrastructure in the industry. It was the first Brazilian company in this sector to receive the ISO 9002 certification, and it invests a great deal in developing products that meet international quality standards.

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