We have the most resistant tire on the market

The high tech Vipal Rubber factory produces the most resistant motorcycle tires for riding on asphalt or off-road path.

The products created with cutting edge Vipal Rubber technology provide the most modern solutions on the market.

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Why we make the longest lasting tire

For the motorcyclist, whether they're gridlocked in urban traffic or feeling the wind on their face as they coast down a highway, unexpected stops are always a problem. We want to make sure you can enjoy riding your motorcycle without any unwanted surprises. This is why we offer resistant tires that are both safer and more durable.
We have more than four decades of experience in the rubber market. We are the Latin America leaders in tire replacements, which gives us the knowledge we need to produce tires that are ready for any terrain.
Vipal Rubber has three factories and one Research and Technology Center (CPT) with the most advanced infrastructure in the industry. It was the first Brazilian company in this sector to receive the ISO 9002 certification, and invests a great deal in developing products that meet international quality standards.

The most resistant tires on the market to make your motorcycle go further

Worry about the obstacles you may face on your journey, not about your tires. Riding a motorcycle has enough setbacks. So let us take care of the tires while you enjoy the road.
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