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Vipal Rubber prides itself on offering the most modern and comprehensive solutions for tire and inner tube repairs.


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The results were extremely positive. We are very excited about the possibilities that the ECO treads can bring us, and that is why we are making this deal with Vipal Rubber.
Tiago Camejo
fleet manager - TW Transportes
We achieved a 10% gain in vehicle mileage compared to other products.
Ricardo Pinto
sales director - AJP Transportes
We monitored tests according to pre-established technical criteria and we have been persuaded by the positive results this product has given us.
Emilio Dalçoquio
operational director - Dalçoquio

We achieved a 2% reduction in diesel fuel consumption with the ECO treads.
Odil Léo Bianchini
president - Plasbil Revestimentos
We have saved up to 7.4% on diesel fuel in our b-train and seven axle vehicles. For our b-train nine axle trucks, there was an even larger reduction, at 7.8%. This led to substantial savings in fuel costs at the end of the determined periods.
Orlando e Jaime Bagatolli
founders - Transportadora Giomila
The VLW 13mm directional design presented a 14.3% higher mileage than other 15mm directional products. When we apply this percentage to cost reductions of an entire fleet, it is a very significant number.
Fabiano Matiello
responsible for controllership and technology - Transportes Cordenonsi
With an upgraded design, reduced grooves and the change to ECO treads, we had an 8% reduction in fuel consumption and we also increased mileage performance.
Altair Pedro Weber
maintenance manager - Transportes Progresso
We achieved a 3.1% fuel reduction with the Vipal ECO VRT2 design.
Eduardo Richter
sales director - TransVR

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Highly trained staff
To be a part of the Vipal Authorized Dealer Network, retreaders must be constantly training their teams. We join forces to offer you the best: high quality products, excellence services and an international team of consultants and technicians.
Comprehensive solution
Vipal Rubber is present in every stage of the tire life cycle, from manufacturing to the last retread before disposal. This is why it has become known for its leadership and quality, offering solutions for every situation.
With over 40 years in the market, Vipal Rubber is a Latin American leader and global reference in tire retreading. This is the quality guarantee that allows our authorized retreaders to help you in the best way possible.
The Vipal Authorized Dealer Network is by your side in every part of Latin America. With around 300 retreaders spread throughout roads in Brazil and Latin America, we are the largest service network on the market.

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Ensuring safety and savings, Vipal Rubber has been working to keep your fleet on the road for four decades. The Vipal Authorized Dealer Network, which is spread throughout Brazil and Latin America, is always ready to help your tires last as long as possible. Locate a retreader near you.