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The products created with cutting edge Vipal Rubber technology provide the most modern solutions on the market.

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With over four decades of excellence in tire and inner tube repairs, Vipal has become a Latin American leader and global success in the industry. Becoming a global reference is only possible through the trust of clients who know where to find the best products.
Historically, much of the experience of Vipal Rubber is due to the particular attention dedicated to cyclists. The products, exclusively produced for bicycles, are market leaders and supported by over 40 years of experience in repairs.
Respect for the environment
Tire retreading is, in essence, a sustainable activity that helps to save energy and raw materials. Socioenvironmental responsibility is part of our routine. Vipal has implemented awareness programs that encourage environmentally friendly efforts, such as appropriate disposal of waste.

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A worldwide reference in repair materials, Vipal provide your store the safest products on the market. Our partnerships increasingly encourage bicycles as a means of transportation.

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