Where experience on the road becomes results

Vipal Rubber has one of the most modern research and development structures in the tire retreading segment. The advanced Research and Technology Center (CPT) is where the experience we have acquired on the road is transformed into products with resistance, durability and economy. Working every day with those who live on wheels gives us a privileged view of what needs to be developed.
The CPT includes a total of 13 laboratories. These divisions conduct dynamic research, using our experience on the road as a guide to create a resistant, safe rubber that is suited to the most varied situations. Before reaching the market, with the notable safety of the Vipal Rubber brand, our solutions undergo a thorough process of elaboration, testing and quality confirmation.

The constant technological evolution, an indispensable condition during the four decades of Vipal Rubber tradition, is a deciding factor to continue offering the market’s most complete line of products. Commitment to excellence makes the company a worldwide reference in rubber, and ensures absolute leadership in the tire retreading market in Brazil and Latin America.

Beyond working with an eye to quality, Vipal Rubber’s main values include sustainability, which is also true in the CPT. Two principles that complement each other. After all, developing a rubber that prolongs the service life of tires to the maximum implies sparing natural resources and preventing premature disposal.