Leader in Latin America, worldwide reference in the segment

Vipal Rubber is one of the leading worldwide manufacturers of products for retreading and repair of tires and inner tubes. Our journey has been supported by two fundamental cornerstones: the constant pursuit of innovation and closeness to those who use and work with our products and services. We offer complete solutions, developed with proprietary technology, coming from constant investment in research and innovation.

With three plants - two in Nova Prata (Rio Grande do Sul) and one in Feira de Santana (Bahia) – in addition to a Research and Technology Center, the company is supported and trusted by the most well-prepared team of retreaders in the industry. Currently Vipal Rubber’s products are traveling the roads of more than 90 countries, in all continents.

The road to recognition as one of the world’s top companies in the rubber industry, leader in Latin America and global reference in the segment, has demanded great effort. Vipal Rubber was the first Brazilian manufacturer of products for repairing tires and inner tubes, and over the years it expanded into the retreading segment. Today it also offers new tires, flooring and mats, rubber compounds and products for industry, always caring about quality and operational excellence, commitment to the environment, social accountability, competence and professionalism.

Leadership built with ethics and social accountability

Vipal Rubber’s principles include working in an ethical manner and in harmony with society and the environment, prizing the cooperation and altruism of those who share our faith and our values. Over four decades, the company’s full dedication has aimed to promote growth and satisfaction of its related audiences. Developing products geared toward full customer satisfaction, we reached the position of Latin American market leader in the rubber industry, its substitute products and applications.

Quality of those who learn from the road

What we learn on the road serves as raw material for developing our products. Vipal Rubber introduced the cold cure process to Brazil, and it was also the first Brazilian in the tire retreading industry to be ISO 9002 certified, in 1995. In 2001 it evolved to ISO 9001:2000, now updated to ISO 9001:2008. For more than 10 years Vipal Rubber has also held the Product Performance Check Certificate (Inmetro/IBFQ) for its tire treads and cushion gum.

Structure to serve the world’s roads

With over 3000 professionals, physical structure of 163,000 m² and installed capacity higher than 18,000 tons/month, we supply the global market with the highest technology and quality.


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